The REUNION series is a range of tables that can be used for various functions within the home or executive office environment; from the conventional dining with friends, social or formal occasions, meetings or creative studio work. These tables are available in various colors  and finishes (two tone or mono color-ways) to suite your interior style or combine with other Mbox models. 

Doors Table Reunion 07.jpg


The main cabin has compartments and drawers on all sides with lined interiors and plenty of storage space to accommodate large objects; stacks of plates, ring binders, cups, water bottles and other drinks.

The tabletop opens in four sections like the traditional school desk revealing the interior and propped open with a piano style hinged arm.

Top Table Reunion 08.jpg

The REUNION series is unique in the fact it combines the conventional table with innovative storage compartments. Cupboards, drawers and tabletop lids to conveniently hide your computer, books, plates, folders and drinks while you are dinning or socializing; a two-in-one philosophy.


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